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An analogue chip was first introduced to the market by ProRacing in 2003.
Chips, both digital and analog, are made in SMD technology.
Systems are located on the printed circuit boards - all of the electronics are manufactured in our factory in Warsaw.
Chip has been built in order to be functional, but not expensive, so that each holder of four wheels could afford such a pleasure.

In 2005, a new programmer who works in the company until now, started designing devices for ProRacing
The automotive market is growing. In order to meet the technological development, and be a few steps ahead of the competition, we have created a new device - digital chip.

Year after year producers are manufacturing more and better cars, with newer processors and customers are becoming more demanding. So we built a more powerful chip, in a better heat-resistant casing (with wires arranged in a heat-resistant hoses), since there were already problems with customers who, due to unwise positioning the chip in the engine compartment, have caused a overheating of the wires. In the digital chip has been mounted a modern processor - the best in our opinion in that price range. The processor is fast and has small overall dimensions at the same time. It is also more resistant to shock, moisture and dust - so that the system on the chip, in combination with the epoxy resin guard, became almost indestructible.

The system does not dissolve at high temperature under the bonnet, which often occurs in low-cost chips from manufacturers, who place the electrical system
(usually of poor quality in aluminum housing, which heats up to high temperatures. In our opinion, this is a huge mistake, because in order to quickly disconnect the chip such as before entering the service, or make adjustments, you have to wait until the chip cools down to avoid burns. Circuit board breaks inside like wooden slat at such high temperatures and after a longer "hardening" becomes fragile as carbon. ).

Chip ProRacing faster converts a digital signal from the sensor to the ECU, so the computer gets the new data quickly and you can immediately feel better acceleration and torque. This is useful when overtaking. You aren't waiting for a split second before the car starts to accelerate when you press the gas pedal. Thanks to this you can see that the a digital chip cares more about your safety. An analogue chip is set at a fixed "linear value" - this means that no matter what are the engine RPM, the chip will raise the power evenly. Digital chip, depending on the motor rotation increases power accordingly so the torque increases more because we can afford more.

A digital chip has a built-in motor protection - this means that chip is set to a certain value, beyond which reduces processing, but still works (only slightly weaker). In the analog chip this problem is solved differently - in critical moments chip just completely shuts down and starts only when the engine operating conditions would return to normal. In summary, a digital chip always gives you more power while an analog chip sometimes, when it senses a signal overload, shuts down and the car turns on standard settings, as if nothing was mounted.
For example, in the engine with 90 hp, an analog chip will increase power to 110 bhp and torque by about 30Nm, and a digital chip will increase the power to 120HP and torque by about 50Nm.

Similarly, things look with the fuel consumption in diesel engines – with an analog chip consumption will fall by 0.2-0.5 L / 100km, while with a digital chip up to 1.5 l / 100km - here we see the big difference. A digital chip adapts itself to engine revolutions and decreases or increases the fuel dose, what an analog chip is not capable to do.


If you just want to increase power a little and if you know how to protect the chip in the engine compartment - select an analog chip, but if you have the financial capacity and want something really extra, what will give you a real joy with the drive and will raise an envy of a neighbor, you should select a digital chip.



IPC Standards



Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards. Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry.



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